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US-2008205030-A1: Horticulture Light Fixture Having Integrated Lamp and Ballast patent, US-2008231904-A1: Image Processing Method, Printer Driver, Image Processing Apparatus, Image Forming Apparatus and Image Forming System patent, US-2008238641-A1: Device, Vehicle and Method for Detecting a Collision of an Object on a Collision Location Detection Region of a Vehicle patent, US-2008244009-A1: Method and System For Regulating Electronic Mail patent, US-2008257064-A1: Tubular Insert for a Magnetic Induction Flow Meter patent, US-2008258914-A1: Monitoring apparatus patent, US-2008265224-A1: Lifting Mechanism for Players patent, US-2008271563-A1: Folding Shooter Bench patent, US-2008298062-A1: Led illumination device patent, US-2008313717-A1: Communication-Address Issuing Apparatus, Communication-Mediating Apparatus, Communication-Mediating Method, Program, and Recording Medium patent, US-2009034538-A1: Node and control method thereof patent, US-2009055839-A1: Systems, methods, and computer products for data oriented aspect programming in message flow patent, US-2009079604-A1: Dual Gate Oxide Analog Circuit Architecture With Dual Voltage Supplies and Associated Method patent, US-2009091557-A1: Pixel Unit, Method for Controlling the Pixel Unit, and Display Apparatus Comprising the Same patent, US-2009096968-A1: Liquid crystal display patent, US-2009121993-A1: Liquid crystal display device and method of driving same patent, US-2009147999-A1: Image processing system, image processing method, and computer readable medium patent, US-2009169365-A1: Pump patent, US-2009252659-A1: Method and apparatus for flue gas treatment patent, US-2009279528-A1: Method and system for single antenna receiver system for hsdpa patent, US-2010002255-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing system, and storage medium patent, US-2010010558-A1: Implantable medical device with lead failure detection patent, US-2010019006-A1: Hydration System patent, US-2010038504-A1: Mounting structure for wheel rotation sensor patent, US-2010051418-A1: Conveyor roller having a cleaning function patent, US-2003193214-A1: Tailored blank article and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-2003198450-A1: Optoelectronic device having a direct patch mask formed thereon and a method of manufacture therefor patent, US-2004004200-A1: Method and apparatus for flow control in independent units patent, US-2004029059-A1: Device for introducting active substances into ambient air patent, US-2004048828-A1: Immunosuppressive agent and food patent, US-2004055127-A1: Piezoelectric resonator and method of producing the same patent, US-2004065831-A1: Terahertz imaging system and method patent, US-2004077150-A1: Switch semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-2004083698-A1: Fibrous media utilizing temperature gradient and methods of use thereof patent, US-2004086332-A1: Toolless thumb screw with adjustable height knob patent, US-2004139035-A1: System and method for integration of value-added product costs patent, US-2004154508-A1: Top feed belt apparatus for a sewing machine patent, US-2004156122-A1: Lens barrel patent, US-2004189497-A1: I/V converter circuit and D/A converter patent, US-2004251677-A1: Loose leaf device patent, US-2004257093-A1: Narrow-band amplifier and impedance-measuring apparatus patent, US-2004267664-A1: Method for providing banking services by use of mobile communication system patent, US-2005001881-A1: Ink jet head unit and ink jet recording apparatus mounted with the same patent, US-2005010434-A1: Vending machine management system and method of managing vending machines patent, US-2005037666-A1: Relay connector patent, US-2005057814-A1: Optical arrangement having at least one transmission component and a monitor component respectively assigned to the transmission component patent, US-2005062899-A1: Display device patent, US-2005074250-A1: Apparatus for forming multi-color image with control of unintended reverse-transfer of developer image onto photoconductor patent, US-2005077941-A1: Selectable delay pulse generator patent, US-2005102861-A1: Footwear closure system with zonal locking patent, US-2005109211-A1: Gas-liquid separation method and unit patent, US-2005111230-A1: Fastening system for fixing a light source on a counterpart of a motor vehicle headlight, and a method of applying it patent, US-2005117927-A1: Image forming apparatus and calibration method patent, US-2005126498-A1: Automatic milk separation patent, US-2005138155-A1: Signal assessment patent, US-2005151104-A1: Seat valve patent, US-2005156076-A1: Method and apparatus for wire termination on outwardly spooled multi-pole stators patent, US-2005213966-A1: Transmission system patent, US-2005258898-A1: Predistorter patent, US-2005261489-A1: Constimulating polypeptide of T cells, monoclonal antibodies, and the preparation and use thereof patent, US-2006003842-A1: Coin-shaped recording medium, recording medium processing device patent, US-2006021499-A1: Oscillating device for adjusting the displacement of a fluid pump patent, US-2006029388-A1: Liquid processing apparatus processing a substrate surface with a processing liquid, liquid processing method, and liquid condition detection apparatus detecting fluctuation of the processing liquid patent, US-2006059249-A1: Method and a system for designating a user selected console device as the primary console device for a particular computer patent, US-2006059278-A1: Information communication controller interface apparatus and method patent, US-2006084862-A1: Optimal view map V.0.01 patent, US-2006091897-A1: Electronic apparatus with driving power having different voltage levels patent, US-2006097660-A1: Apparatus, system, and method for controlling remote lighting devices patent, US-2006132944-A1: Vehicle side mirror assembly with rearward and forward viewing patent, US-2006152127-A1: Display filter patent, US-2006160932-A1: Heat activated sealants and foamed materials patent, US-2006183416-A1: Method of making bird wing and breast products and products made in accordance with the method patent, US-2006202703-A1: Apparatus for testing electric cables patent, US-2006252288-A1: Electrical connector assembly patent, US-2006253388-A1: Financial transaction system patent, US-2006253598-A1: Communication relay apparatus, communication system, communication control method and computer readable medium patent, US-2006254875-A1: Flywheel assembly patent, US-2006254959-A1: Air sifting apparatus having variable air supply patent, US-2006278159-A1: Nanostructures patent, US-2006286988-A1: Method for providing data to a mobile terminal which is moving patent, US-2007022834-A1: Transmission device between a primary drive shaft and an output shaft and a vehicle equipped with such a device patent, US-2007060411-A1: Device to improve putting patent, US-2007065157-A1: Optical signal reception device and method of controlling optical signal reception patent, US-2007131106-A1: Axial piston engine having an adjustment unit for electrically proportionally adjusting the supply volume patent, US-2007184871-A1: Channel switching method for using high speed wireless channel patent, US-2007213137-A1: Theatrical backdrop for producing a black art effect patent, US-2007223009-A1: Apparatus and method for measuring structural parts patent, US-2007224550-A1: Photosensitive composition and method for forming pattern using same patent, US-2007232342-A1: Group management and graphical user interface for associated electronic devices patent, US-2007233778-A1: Process integration persistency patent, US-2007244952-A1: Signal analysis methods patent, US-2007253853-A1: Scroll compressor patent, US-2007267314-A1: Point-of-sale device for an article accompanied by at least one fastener fixedly located in a prominent location patent, US-2007287546-A1: Bellows with buckling protector patent, US-2008003030-A1: Image fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, US-2008004522-A1: Method in Mri-Imaging and Mri Apparatus with a Triggering Device patent, US-2008006484-A1: System for transferring vehicle body in vehicle assembling system patent, US-2008014151-A1: Device and Method for Hand Washing patent, US-2008028897-A1: Anti-Slip Socket with Uniform Wall Thickness patent, US-2008061663-A1: Drawer slide module structure patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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